Thursday, December 16, 2010

Narnia The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

Hey there my aweosme blogger (or not) readers! ;) so, today, I'm in the Narnia mood! YAY!! Cuz, as you all know that, Narnia, has a new movie! The title is same as the title of the post! ^^
Lemme tell you something, the movie, is AWEOSME!!! It has more adventures then the last 2 movie. :) If you guys buy the ticket for 3-D, I bet it is MORE aweosme! I bought only the normal ones. :(
So, since I have this mood, I went to There, you can have your own account, you can go adventure! Just like in Narnia! but only it's in a computer. :P
I have registeres my own account and, once you get inside, you will feel like your in Narnia! I know! How aweosme is that?!
I've played this game, it's called "Make your OWN Dragon" I actually saved the picture but just wanted you guys to see it yourself :D Imma show you my dragon! here's the link! ---> I hope you guys can see it!
I know, my dragon is ugly xP. Well.. you know what they say, make you OWN Dragon. so, thats the only option to me that is AWESOME! xD
I hope you guys like it! ^^ See you awesoem readers next time! :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am in Misery!!

Hey whats up awesome readers? Just now in the car, I think every radio has the song Misery by Maroon 5. First time I heard it, I like it. :) but after awhile.. kindda bored. :/ I was like, how many times does this song have to repeat?! Well, there a bummer for me to.. I was tuning Hitz, there was an anoyying advertisment, so my dad opened Mix, I was so shocked, there was If I Had You!! at that time it's on the part "The flashing of the lights" I was like. O_O, OMG! I MISSED ADAM!! NOOO!!! That song is my fav! so after several hours.. again, annoying advertisment on Hitz, dad turn on Mix, WHATAYA WANT FROM ME!! and again, not from the start. it start from "so what, just don't give up" UGH! I WAS SO FRUSTRATED!!! so today my cousin and aunty are coming. My mom went to Petronas to fueled up the car. After fueling up, at the traffic light, and finally! If I Had You on Hitz.. THANK GOD!! yeah I was happy that I heard his song.. :) I love him so MUCH!! :D I'm so obsessed with him right now! :D hope he heras this. LOL. Thats all. Just wanna tell y'all bout my bummest day ever. LOL. kay bye!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A wish by an airplane.

Hey it's me! so, at the same day as my dream. thats 25th Nov. I made a wish from an airplane. :) just like that song. That song is awesome! :) I was just bored, so I stared to sing after that dream. I wished that Adam Lambert >_> was by my side. hehehe I'm a little obsessed with him.. okay maybe alot hehehe. It actually came true :D
As you all know, 25th Nov is the day Rapunzel a Tangled Tale is relesed. so I watched with my mom. The movie was great! As we were aiting for the time, I opened YouTube from my iPhone. I opened If I Had You.
After all of that, went to the car. in the car there was this crazy song, so I switch to Mix. and there it was If I Had You. and so Mix also had a crazy song, I opened back Hitz. The DJ just said "coming up next Adam Lambert and Charice" so, it turned out to be If I Had You! My mom was kindda pissed off. she dosen't like Adam Lambert, but she like his songs. :)
And went back home, I opened the same song AGAIN! at that time I didn't realized. (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
I went to my room to take a shower. Then suddenly I realized. I was so happy on that day! I wish it happen again..

Awesomest dream ever! :D

Hey guys! This dream is like a moth ago. I forgot to post it. Silly me! so, as I was typing, you can see the title. yesh, an AWESOME dream. I dreamed that Adam Lambert and Paramore came to my school! Yes! How awesome is that?? I know it is so COOL!! They said that they wanted to make a singing contest. I entered myself. They are the judges. I entered myself, cuz I love to sing! :)
So, I was all glamed up just like Adam Lambert. You know how much I love his songs. :). I sang his song, For your Entertainment. It's really came out! Adam Lambert was running to get on the stage, and he hugged me! :O. I was so shoked! He said I sang his song so AWESOME that he camed up and hugged me! :D I was so lucky! YAY ME! even Paramore asked me to sing thier song. of course I can, I said to them I am your biggest fan! :D I sang Crus Crush Crush. My fake BFF, was all mad. She entered to. I think she wated to sing that song. LOL. They say to me that I sang so AWESOME!!
So, the judges chose ME as thier winner. YAY!! they said, they wanted to see me backstage. As usual, as a fan, I asked them thier autographs. oh and Josh and Jeremy gave me thier guitar pick. Cuz I told them that I played guitar once. but I quitted. :/ so, Josh, Jeremy, Tommy and Monte, told me how to play the guitar! YAY!!
Until there I could say, cuz my mom woke me! >:/ I was having a good time..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chatting with Adam Lambert in facebook

Hey guys! as you can see the title in this post I just chatted with Adam Lambert! :3 Well, I am actually chatting with THE REAL Adam. :P so, I just wanted to share our conversation. :P I don't want to loose it. It is really fun! :D Anyways, the color purple, will be Adam, while mine is the color light blue. This is what we've been chatting. And FYI, I don't want to be proud of it and all OK? So, you get the point right? :)

uumm.. u busy?
well kinda
what are you doin? hehehe
ur profile pic?
yeah. why?
you came to my concert on 14 oct? (of course I did! see in the post Adam Lambert in Malaysia)
ur malay right? (of course I am!)
yes. why?
thanks for attending my concert i appreciate you
:D OMG! THNX! :D (sorry, I was freaking out kay?)
only I wish I could see you face-to-face. LOL
lmfao. you took my pic using?
my phone. it dosen't have any quality. :P
what did i did to ya?
what do u mean? (LOL)
what did i did when you're took all my pics? did i smile or just ignore you?
well.. I guess u didn't see me. cuz I was far away. lol.
But I see your gallery (I can't believe he sees my gallery! :O)
o.O u did? wow?
yeah. and it was bright and cleary
I got it from sony. :p
you wrote
the blurry one is from my phone :P
Me n AL!! But it's NOT the REAL AL.. wish it wuz :'( (he did it two times) (Can't believe he read that!)
yeah. I WISH it was. :/ really.. I wish I could see you :P
I gave aways my numb recently
u mean u gave ur no. 2 ppl?? lol??
why do u want 2 that?
now i don't (LOL i wish I had it.. y do i always open my trap?!)
o..k.. tell mw why?
well.. just texting with my fans
so he said he loves his fans and he said aomething about Tommy. After that, he logged off. Says wanna go to bed. ~THE END~ lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paramore Live In Malaysia

Hey! Since these days lately, I have new news! LOL. Paramore is coming to Malaysia!! That is so rad right?! I know that Paramore are the famous rock band ever!! I know my post so late just like Adam Lambert. The concert started at 19 October 2010. The story is just the same as Adam Lambert one. In case you guys didn't notice, I just tell the story AGAIN. After school, went back to my house and surf the net to watch YouTube. Yeah, search for Paramore's song. They play the new album Brand New Eyes. So I'm going to serach their playlist. They even have a website. It's called It's kindda cool. But Adam Lambert is cooler! =D. Adam Lambert is in the Adam Lambert concert down there. I went to my dad's office. Read the full on ein Adam Lambert. Cause, it's the same story all over again. and ate dinner there. Arrived about, 7:25 p.m. Went to the stadium. The did in different place. The did their concert at Staduim Putra Bukit Jalil. Of course every concert has an opening act. The opening act was umm.. KYK. I know. wierd right? I don't know what are they singing actually. LOL. In about 8:30 p.m., Paramore came in a car. Maybe they came all the way from their hotel?? o.O dunno. Everybody was screaming so do I! ^_^ I'm a fan of them. Their songs ROCK!. P.S: the picture of the concert are not so clear. Can't find them in the internet. They started their song with Ignorance, Thats What You Get and Careful. After that they went backstage to rest for awile?? They come back with the song When It Rains and Where The Lines Overlap. After going offstage for awile after Decode, the band came back with a sofa and an acoustic drum set and took their places comfortably on the couch, with Hayley on the backrest. And through a technical glitch caused them to halt Misguided Ghosts. Halfway through they came back with even more energy. They perform Crush Crush Crush. On that song, some of their fans gave Hayley a handmade T-shirt and a teddy bear. aww.. Next they sang The Only Exception. That song was the new song. This is Hayley singing The Only Exception. Of course the fans wanted more. They sang Brick By Boring Brick and Misery Business. On Misery Business, they invited a fan to come up the stage and sing with them! The fan was a guy. He sang pretty good though. LOL. I admit that their concert were awesome! It's even awesome that Adam Lambert. Maybe it's because I jumped and dance with the rythm. I didn't do that on Adam Lambert's concert... :'(. Then went back home. It was awesome! can't forget that memory.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia

Hey guys! Since you guys haven't noticed, Adam Lambert came to Malaysia!! I know my post is really late! I am so sorry!! The concert started in 14 October 2010. I was so excited!! =D So happy that I got to see my favorite idol coming to Malaysia!!
Before his concert, I was at home surfing YouTube. So that I can refresh all of his songs. After that, I went to my dad's office. oh! FYI, my dad works where Adam Lambert did his concert. so I got the ticket FREE!!! o yeah!
I ate my dinner there so that we don't waste time. I arrived there about 7:20. At that time, there were MANY people! and that was my FIRST time to a concert! It's a good thing we got inside quickly! =D.
We got to our seats. Then it's time for the lights to turn off! I thought it was Adam Lambert, but actually it wasn't him. It was an opening act by Iqwal. Then it was Daniel Lim and Dennis Lau. The opening act was ok..
After that, the light turn on and there was some music to keep us company. =D
At about 9 p.m. the lights turn off AGAIN, it was really Adam Lambert!!! I started to scream! You know why right?? LOL. He started his concert with the song VooDoo. Followed by For Your Entertainment, Rabbit Hole, Ring of Fire and Fever. P.S: Fever is down..
That was his firts act. Then there was a drum and dance set. I think he need to change.. LOL. Then he came out with the song Sleepwalker and Whataya Want From Me. It was great! But he did it in acoustic. Thats ok actually. When it came the song Fever, he usually kiss his base which is his name is Tommy. I forgot to tell you guys. He is actually gay. I know that is kindda weird... I dunno that is his way. Let him be. So you know that people of Malaysia are mostly Malays. So he just did this. WEE!! I know!! LOL. He looks cute.. :3 He sang Soaked, Broken Open, Aftermath, Surefire, Sturt and Music Again. In this picture he sang Aftermath. I Love this song! =D. Last but not least, he sang the NEW song, that is the most popular, If I Had You. We all like jumping and singing. Because that song is the NEWEST and LATEST hit! After singing that song, he just went back to backstage and he didn't even say goodbye to his fans.. A few moment later, he came back with the song Mad World and 20th Century Boy. I admit that his concert was great!! So I went out and head to the car and went back home. That was the sweetest memory that I have ever had. Just wish that I could see him infront of me. I mean really infront of me... So now I am an official Glambert. Glambert is like a nickmane for his fans. That is so cool!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

BFF or BFFL (part 2)

Hi! yes it's me again. XD I've just post the first one... Last year, I opened my MySpace. I went to MJ's profile, I found this person. She wrote I mean typed a poem for MJ. Her poem was soo beautisul... So I add her as my friend. We always send messages in MySpace. We asked about ourselves. She was really fun. I feel like shes my sister, even though I don't have any siblings...
Ohh I forgot! She lives in Somerton, Arizona, USA. I just hope that on eday we can meet together face to face... But I don't know when.. *sigh* If only she have facebook, We can chat together..
I think thats all... :(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

BFF or BFFL (part 1)

Hiya guys! It's me again. Just wanna ask y'all.. Do you guys have BFF (Best Friend Forever) or maybe BFFL (Best Friend For Life)? I just wanna tell that.. I don't have any BFF or BFFL... I only have regular friends... If you guys read this can you guys please be my friend??? theres another post soo please read it! ^_^ Thanks y'all

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Break Fast

Ah... Its nice to break fast with your family in the fasting month. I had a creamy carbonara for dinner. So delicious! And then for an apertizer I ate subway - Subway melt! Ummm... So yummy!!! wish could drool all the way!!! enjoy this delicious meal!!!!



Hiya Guys! I'm going to talk about my school! People supposed to gain knowledge at school, but in my school people go to school because they want to play and meet their friends and gang...
Yup, thats my school all right =). Unlike anybody else, I kindda like to sit at my place and read some books. Thats more calming... -_- Like even on this month, people like to go outside and roam around the whole school. I will tell you all that later...
Sometimes I even go to the next class to visit my friend XD. Its boring to stay in the class on fasting month...

Bye! going to breakfast with family