Thursday, December 16, 2010

Narnia The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

Hey there my aweosme blogger (or not) readers! ;) so, today, I'm in the Narnia mood! YAY!! Cuz, as you all know that, Narnia, has a new movie! The title is same as the title of the post! ^^
Lemme tell you something, the movie, is AWEOSME!!! It has more adventures then the last 2 movie. :) If you guys buy the ticket for 3-D, I bet it is MORE aweosme! I bought only the normal ones. :(
So, since I have this mood, I went to There, you can have your own account, you can go adventure! Just like in Narnia! but only it's in a computer. :P
I have registeres my own account and, once you get inside, you will feel like your in Narnia! I know! How aweosme is that?!
I've played this game, it's called "Make your OWN Dragon" I actually saved the picture but just wanted you guys to see it yourself :D Imma show you my dragon! here's the link! ---> I hope you guys can see it!
I know, my dragon is ugly xP. Well.. you know what they say, make you OWN Dragon. so, thats the only option to me that is AWESOME! xD
I hope you guys like it! ^^ See you awesoem readers next time! :D

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