Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am in Misery!!

Hey whats up awesome readers? Just now in the car, I think every radio has the song Misery by Maroon 5. First time I heard it, I like it. :) but after awhile.. kindda bored. :/ I was like, how many times does this song have to repeat?! Well, there a bummer for me to.. I was tuning Hitz, there was an anoyying advertisment, so my dad opened Mix, I was so shocked, there was If I Had You!! at that time it's on the part "The flashing of the lights" I was like. O_O, OMG! I MISSED ADAM!! NOOO!!! That song is my fav! so after several hours.. again, annoying advertisment on Hitz, dad turn on Mix, WHATAYA WANT FROM ME!! and again, not from the start. it start from "so what, just don't give up" UGH! I WAS SO FRUSTRATED!!! so today my cousin and aunty are coming. My mom went to Petronas to fueled up the car. After fueling up, at the traffic light, and finally! If I Had You on Hitz.. THANK GOD!! yeah I was happy that I heard his song.. :) I love him so MUCH!! :D I'm so obsessed with him right now! :D hope he heras this. LOL. Thats all. Just wanna tell y'all bout my bummest day ever. LOL. kay bye!!

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