Friday, November 19, 2010

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia

Hey guys! Since you guys haven't noticed, Adam Lambert came to Malaysia!! I know my post is really late! I am so sorry!! The concert started in 14 October 2010. I was so excited!! =D So happy that I got to see my favorite idol coming to Malaysia!!
Before his concert, I was at home surfing YouTube. So that I can refresh all of his songs. After that, I went to my dad's office. oh! FYI, my dad works where Adam Lambert did his concert. so I got the ticket FREE!!! o yeah!
I ate my dinner there so that we don't waste time. I arrived there about 7:20. At that time, there were MANY people! and that was my FIRST time to a concert! It's a good thing we got inside quickly! =D.
We got to our seats. Then it's time for the lights to turn off! I thought it was Adam Lambert, but actually it wasn't him. It was an opening act by Iqwal. Then it was Daniel Lim and Dennis Lau. The opening act was ok..
After that, the light turn on and there was some music to keep us company. =D
At about 9 p.m. the lights turn off AGAIN, it was really Adam Lambert!!! I started to scream! You know why right?? LOL. He started his concert with the song VooDoo. Followed by For Your Entertainment, Rabbit Hole, Ring of Fire and Fever. P.S: Fever is down..
That was his firts act. Then there was a drum and dance set. I think he need to change.. LOL. Then he came out with the song Sleepwalker and Whataya Want From Me. It was great! But he did it in acoustic. Thats ok actually. When it came the song Fever, he usually kiss his base which is his name is Tommy. I forgot to tell you guys. He is actually gay. I know that is kindda weird... I dunno that is his way. Let him be. So you know that people of Malaysia are mostly Malays. So he just did this. WEE!! I know!! LOL. He looks cute.. :3 He sang Soaked, Broken Open, Aftermath, Surefire, Sturt and Music Again. In this picture he sang Aftermath. I Love this song! =D. Last but not least, he sang the NEW song, that is the most popular, If I Had You. We all like jumping and singing. Because that song is the NEWEST and LATEST hit! After singing that song, he just went back to backstage and he didn't even say goodbye to his fans.. A few moment later, he came back with the song Mad World and 20th Century Boy. I admit that his concert was great!! So I went out and head to the car and went back home. That was the sweetest memory that I have ever had. Just wish that I could see him infront of me. I mean really infront of me... So now I am an official Glambert. Glambert is like a nickmane for his fans. That is so cool!!