Friday, December 3, 2010

A wish by an airplane.

Hey it's me! so, at the same day as my dream. thats 25th Nov. I made a wish from an airplane. :) just like that song. That song is awesome! :) I was just bored, so I stared to sing after that dream. I wished that Adam Lambert >_> was by my side. hehehe I'm a little obsessed with him.. okay maybe alot hehehe. It actually came true :D
As you all know, 25th Nov is the day Rapunzel a Tangled Tale is relesed. so I watched with my mom. The movie was great! As we were aiting for the time, I opened YouTube from my iPhone. I opened If I Had You.
After all of that, went to the car. in the car there was this crazy song, so I switch to Mix. and there it was If I Had You. and so Mix also had a crazy song, I opened back Hitz. The DJ just said "coming up next Adam Lambert and Charice" so, it turned out to be If I Had You! My mom was kindda pissed off. she dosen't like Adam Lambert, but she like his songs. :)
And went back home, I opened the same song AGAIN! at that time I didn't realized. (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
I went to my room to take a shower. Then suddenly I realized. I was so happy on that day! I wish it happen again..

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