Friday, December 3, 2010

Awesomest dream ever! :D

Hey guys! This dream is like a moth ago. I forgot to post it. Silly me! so, as I was typing, you can see the title. yesh, an AWESOME dream. I dreamed that Adam Lambert and Paramore came to my school! Yes! How awesome is that?? I know it is so COOL!! They said that they wanted to make a singing contest. I entered myself. They are the judges. I entered myself, cuz I love to sing! :)
So, I was all glamed up just like Adam Lambert. You know how much I love his songs. :). I sang his song, For your Entertainment. It's really came out! Adam Lambert was running to get on the stage, and he hugged me! :O. I was so shoked! He said I sang his song so AWESOME that he camed up and hugged me! :D I was so lucky! YAY ME! even Paramore asked me to sing thier song. of course I can, I said to them I am your biggest fan! :D I sang Crus Crush Crush. My fake BFF, was all mad. She entered to. I think she wated to sing that song. LOL. They say to me that I sang so AWESOME!!
So, the judges chose ME as thier winner. YAY!! they said, they wanted to see me backstage. As usual, as a fan, I asked them thier autographs. oh and Josh and Jeremy gave me thier guitar pick. Cuz I told them that I played guitar once. but I quitted. :/ so, Josh, Jeremy, Tommy and Monte, told me how to play the guitar! YAY!!
Until there I could say, cuz my mom woke me! >:/ I was having a good time..

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