Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chatting with Adam Lambert in facebook

Hey guys! as you can see the title in this post I just chatted with Adam Lambert! :3 Well, I am actually chatting with THE REAL Adam. :P so, I just wanted to share our conversation. :P I don't want to loose it. It is really fun! :D Anyways, the color purple, will be Adam, while mine is the color light blue. This is what we've been chatting. And FYI, I don't want to be proud of it and all OK? So, you get the point right? :)

uumm.. u busy?
well kinda
what are you doin? hehehe
ur profile pic?
yeah. why?
you came to my concert on 14 oct? (of course I did! see in the post Adam Lambert in Malaysia)
ur malay right? (of course I am!)
yes. why?
thanks for attending my concert i appreciate you
:D OMG! THNX! :D (sorry, I was freaking out kay?)
only I wish I could see you face-to-face. LOL
lmfao. you took my pic using?
my phone. it dosen't have any quality. :P
what did i did to ya?
what do u mean? (LOL)
what did i did when you're took all my pics? did i smile or just ignore you?
well.. I guess u didn't see me. cuz I was far away. lol.
But I see your gallery (I can't believe he sees my gallery! :O)
o.O u did? wow?
yeah. and it was bright and cleary
I got it from sony. :p
you wrote
the blurry one is from my phone :P
Me n AL!! But it's NOT the REAL AL.. wish it wuz :'( (he did it two times) (Can't believe he read that!)
yeah. I WISH it was. :/ really.. I wish I could see you :P
I gave aways my numb recently
u mean u gave ur no. 2 ppl?? lol??
why do u want 2 that?
now i don't (LOL i wish I had it.. y do i always open my trap?!)
o..k.. tell mw why?
well.. just texting with my fans
so he said he loves his fans and he said aomething about Tommy. After that, he logged off. Says wanna go to bed. ~THE END~ lol

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