Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paramore Live In Malaysia

Hey! Since these days lately, I have new news! LOL. Paramore is coming to Malaysia!! That is so rad right?! I know that Paramore are the famous rock band ever!! I know my post so late just like Adam Lambert. The concert started at 19 October 2010. The story is just the same as Adam Lambert one. In case you guys didn't notice, I just tell the story AGAIN. After school, went back to my house and surf the net to watch YouTube. Yeah, search for Paramore's song. They play the new album Brand New Eyes. So I'm going to serach their playlist. They even have a website. It's called It's kindda cool. But Adam Lambert is cooler! =D. Adam Lambert is in the Adam Lambert concert down there. I went to my dad's office. Read the full on ein Adam Lambert. Cause, it's the same story all over again. and ate dinner there. Arrived about, 7:25 p.m. Went to the stadium. The did in different place. The did their concert at Staduim Putra Bukit Jalil. Of course every concert has an opening act. The opening act was umm.. KYK. I know. wierd right? I don't know what are they singing actually. LOL. In about 8:30 p.m., Paramore came in a car. Maybe they came all the way from their hotel?? o.O dunno. Everybody was screaming so do I! ^_^ I'm a fan of them. Their songs ROCK!. P.S: the picture of the concert are not so clear. Can't find them in the internet. They started their song with Ignorance, Thats What You Get and Careful. After that they went backstage to rest for awile?? They come back with the song When It Rains and Where The Lines Overlap. After going offstage for awile after Decode, the band came back with a sofa and an acoustic drum set and took their places comfortably on the couch, with Hayley on the backrest. And through a technical glitch caused them to halt Misguided Ghosts. Halfway through they came back with even more energy. They perform Crush Crush Crush. On that song, some of their fans gave Hayley a handmade T-shirt and a teddy bear. aww.. Next they sang The Only Exception. That song was the new song. This is Hayley singing The Only Exception. Of course the fans wanted more. They sang Brick By Boring Brick and Misery Business. On Misery Business, they invited a fan to come up the stage and sing with them! The fan was a guy. He sang pretty good though. LOL. I admit that their concert were awesome! It's even awesome that Adam Lambert. Maybe it's because I jumped and dance with the rythm. I didn't do that on Adam Lambert's concert... :'(. Then went back home. It was awesome! can't forget that memory.

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