Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011... =\

Hey guys! So, this is my newest post on the new year. Yep. It's 2011.... D: I want 2010! I don't wanna go to 2011!!! the cause that I don't accept 2011 is that....
I go to......
Yes.. Middle school.... It's a new enviroment for me though. It's a horrible place. xD
Well... I think I don't want to write so long. Cuz... I actually don't know what to do! xD
Yes, I'm crazy. (: I love being like that. It's.... different then the others. I'm also weird to! :D Just be yourself. Don't follow the others. If you want to be like her/him, you can damage yourself! :O
umm... guess thats it? xD well.. see you guys later! ^^