Saturday, July 23, 2011

>w< Thank you!!!

Hey guys! :D Well as you can see, my blog is nao awesome! >w< all thanks to Zamira. Shes my friend at school. She made this ^w^ Thank you very much! lol

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Makeover! :D -yay-

Hey guys. Idk why, but I'm giving my blog a new total makeover :D Yep! Even though the background IS really cute, but it's so like a year ago. It has to be done! xD I feel like a fashion police :P
But it IS a year old.... UGH! >n<
LOL. Well, the background follows my emotion, LOL :P rite now i think imma go w/ pweety flowes... OwO to girly xP
Just a normal backgroud. LOL. It's gonna be aweshome! >w<

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boredom =.=

Hello my amazing readers. It's school holidays!!! It's not that great though. Only lasts a week! So.... yeah. A LOT of homeworks. andI mean A LOT! Bored........... Boredom....
Well, Boredom is like whne you bored, it's like a world of boredness. Thats why it's called Boredom. GAH! I don't know whats next. LOL
Welll..... g2g 8D
See ya guyz l8tr LOL

Saturday, February 5, 2011

K-on! / K-on!!

Hello my most awesome readers!
What is K-on! / K-on!! ?
Well... K-on! is an anime. You guys must be weird by it. Well. Heres the picture.

Yep. Theres the cast member. Now, you know whats K-on! They actually have a new member. Her name is Azusa Nakano.

I know. Shes cute! I've even made a video of it! Rite now, I'm so obsessed with K-on! rite now. I love Mio Akiyama sooo much!!! Shes awesome. I wish I played my guitar back. I quitted guitar lessons years ago. It's actually an acoustic guitar though. It hurts my fingers a lot! I dunno bout you, but, my post is getting shorter by the time! umm... I guess thats it. Bye!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I miss you...

Hello! xD You guys must be wondering. Who am I missing? well... It's... yeah... you know it... him. Imma just give you the picture.

Yes. It's HIM. It's been 3 days I miss him. (LOL). I know it's crazy.. :p I can't help it! D: his to cute to forget. xD

You guys must be disguste. Well.. how about if you love somebody that you like and nobody like? You feel the same.

Well.. I gotta go. See you later! ^^

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011... =\

Hey guys! So, this is my newest post on the new year. Yep. It's 2011.... D: I want 2010! I don't wanna go to 2011!!! the cause that I don't accept 2011 is that....
I go to......
Yes.. Middle school.... It's a new enviroment for me though. It's a horrible place. xD
Well... I think I don't want to write so long. Cuz... I actually don't know what to do! xD
Yes, I'm crazy. (: I love being like that. It's.... different then the others. I'm also weird to! :D Just be yourself. Don't follow the others. If you want to be like her/him, you can damage yourself! :O
umm... guess thats it? xD well.. see you guys later! ^^