Saturday, February 5, 2011

K-on! / K-on!!

Hello my most awesome readers!
What is K-on! / K-on!! ?
Well... K-on! is an anime. You guys must be weird by it. Well. Heres the picture.

Yep. Theres the cast member. Now, you know whats K-on! They actually have a new member. Her name is Azusa Nakano.

I know. Shes cute! I've even made a video of it! Rite now, I'm so obsessed with K-on! rite now. I love Mio Akiyama sooo much!!! Shes awesome. I wish I played my guitar back. I quitted guitar lessons years ago. It's actually an acoustic guitar though. It hurts my fingers a lot! I dunno bout you, but, my post is getting shorter by the time! umm... I guess thats it. Bye!

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